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FREE Vermont DMV Permit Practice Test Two 2019 | VT

If you want to get either a learner’s permit or a driver’s license in the state of Vermont, you will need to pass a knowledge test by answering at least 16 out of 20 questions correctly, to achieve at least an 80% passing ratio. All of the information used the write the test questions can be found by studying the 2019 Vermont Driver’s Manual. If you have reading difficulties, someone will be able to administer an oral version of the knowledge test to you. If you need to take the test in a language other than English, you will be allowed to use a dictionary and bring your own interpreter, if necessary. You may also be allowed to ask the examiner for assistance. If you need an ASL interpreter, the Vermont DMV will provide one as long as you inform them when you schedule your appointment. You must schedule an appointment for all testing, regardless of the format in which you take the knowledge test. The questions on this Vermont DMV practice test are in the same format as the real test, to help you be as prepared as possible for the real thing.

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