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Vermont Motorcycle Manual Online 2019

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Every year motorcyclists come to enjoy the scenic roads of Vermont.

Why not join them on your own bike? First things first though, if you’re a complete newbie, you’ll need to jump through the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) hoops for licensing and registration. Luckily, the Vermont DMV offers some pretty useful resources to help you get on your way. The most important documents include the Vermont Motorcycle Manual 2019 and the Registration Manual, both of which are available at no cost online in PDF form.

Motorcycle Learner Permit

Before candidates obtain their full motorcycle endorsement, it may be a good idea to obtain a Motorcycle Learner Permit in order to get some hands-on experience operating a motorcycle. In order to obtain this permit, the candidate must complete a four-hour Vermont Motorcycle Awareness Program (VMAP) training course, or make an appointment to pass the knowledge test at a motor vehicle office. The knowledge test costs $7 to take and the Motorcycle Permit is $17. The Permit is valid for 120 days and may be renewed twice.

Motorcycle Skills Tests

Part of the Vermont licensing process is the motorcycle skills test, which is designed to test an individual’s ability to balance, shift, maneuver and stop a motorcycle under normal driving conditions. Notably, this test ensures the candidate is able to make a quick stop and a quick turn.

The examiner may decide to stop the test at any point during this test if the candidate does any of the following:

  • Falls
  • Drops the motorcycle
  • Commits an unsafe act
  • Stalls the motorcycle four times
  • Fails to follow instructions
  • Exceeds reasonable testing time
  • Loses eleven or more points (thus failing the test)


Candidates wishing to take the skills test will need the following:

  • Approved helmet
  • Approved eye protection
  • Insurance Identification Card
  • Registered and inspected motorcycle

Motorcycle Endorsement

This is the final stage in the licensing process. Anyone who wishes to operate a motorcycle on a Vermont highway must have a valid Vermont Operator, Commercial Driver, or Junior Operator License with a motorcycle endorsement. This involves successful completion of the motorcycle knowledge and skills tests. However, the DMV waives the knowledge and skills tests to anyone who has successfully completed one of the following:

  • VREP (Vermont Rider Education Program) Basic Motorcycle Course
  • VREP Intermediate Course
  • VREP Experienced Rider License Waiver Course

Once again, we encourage all prospective motorcyclists to take a look at the free learning resources available to help develop the skills for safe, responsible riding. Good luck on the tests and we’ll see you on the road!