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FREE Vermont DMV Signs & Road Situations Practice Test 2019 | VT

Welcome to our FREE Vermont driving test! This test is designed to help you pass the DMV knowledge exam and get your license sooner.
Have you been studying the Vermont Driver’s manual? Have you grown sick of reading and re-reading the manual? Do you want to test your knowledge to see if you are ready for the real exam? Then why not try our free test?
Our free test will test your knowledge of road signs, traffic signals, right-of-way, parking, and general road safety. Our test is based on the current Vermont Driver’s manual and Vermont Statutes.
Each of the test’s 50 multiple-choice questions include a picture and a hint to help you arrive at the best answer.
Take our test and see how well you really know Vermont’s road rules!
Good Luck and drive safe!

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10 mistakes allowed to pass
Passing score required at the VT DMV: 80%
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